How To Return a Package (Quick & Easy)

On May 22, 2022

Looking to make a return on the product you just bought? but feel overwhelmed by the variety of return options? Keep reading.

Reasons Why Customers Return Their Packages?

Their could be so many reasons for returning a package, here are some common reasons why returns happen. More often than not you will fall into one of these buckets. 

1. The product was damaged or defective! 

Suppose a product does not meet the customer's expectation, or it's simply a faulty product. Or, sometimes theirs a problem with the size.


2. Receiving The Wrong Product

Have you ever placed an order online, waited patiently for it to arrive, only to discover that the item you received is not what you expected? This is especially true if you believe that buying a product online will save you money and you don't shop around in stores. You waste your weekend just to discover that the product you were excited for is not what you expected. 

Sometimes what you see is not what you get, online stores have a big budget to make their online stores and products look appealing to shoppers. They also use coupons, discounts to incentivize customers.


3. Customers bought the wrong item / changed their mind once they received it.

It's difficult to discover someone who has never made a mistake or changed their mind about a purchase. It's likely that you did it yourself, but it happens you might have found the item somewhere else cheaper or you just don't like the color we’ve all been there.


women holding a box with yellow background

The Traditional Way To Make a Return!

First things first – you need to pack your items in a sturdy box. If you don’t have one, you can buy boxes from supply stores such as, Lowes, Home Depot etc... 


Get Your Package Ready

  • Seal your box with plastic or nylon tape at least two inches wide. Don’t use duct tape.

  • Wrap items separately and use cushioning material.

  • You’ll need to know the dimensions and weight of your box.


Get a Label

  • The brand or retailer should give you this.

  • See how much it will cost.(Some brands might have you pay for the return label)

  • Print the label.

  • Tape the label to the box 

Get It to your Courier  

  • Drop it off at a location. Be sure to bring your identification.

How to Return With Rebox (The not so traditional way) 

If you’re annoyed of keeping boxes around your house just in case you might return the product you just bought, or you’re tired of driving and waiting in long lines at the post office, then! Rebox is perfect for you. First Return is Free!

Follow these simple steps.

Get your return label

You can always request the label from the brand/retailer you purchased the item from. This is a very important step because couriers will not accept a package without a label. Once you have the label head over to our website and click book a return.

Fill out the Form

You will fill out the quick form and upload the return label that was sent to you by the brand/retailer. 

  • Aslo select a time and date for your pickup here

  • Orders are always picked up the next day.

  • We handle the boxing, taping, and dropoff for you 


A Rebox Driver is on their way! 

  • You can leave a reminder for the driver if you like 

  • You can either hand it to the driver or place it outside on your porch 

  • We recommend if you leave it outside that you place it somewhere visible for the driver to secure the package.

  • We send out a reminder email that the driver is on their way and you can always reschedule without extra charge. 

  • We drop it off at the carrier the label tells us, for a safe and accurate drop off. 


Tips for a Fast Refund after returning the package. 

  • Check the return policy of the store.

  • Make sure to mail the product as soon as possible. Don't leave the package waiting to be mailed at your front door or in your car..If you don't have time you can use Rebox to take care of this for you. Make sure to keep an eye on your email for any alerts or updates on the status of your refund after you've shipped the item.

  • Many brands also use their social media sites to respond to customer problems. If that's the case, share images of your damaged item on social media and tag the company; they'll likely contact you with instructions on how to return it for a refund.

  • Before granting a refund, the brand may need verification. Capture images of any damage you find, whether it's a flaw or a broken part. When you return an item, will you receive store credit or a complete refund.  Are there any expected restocking costs or other charges from your refund?


Happy Shopping!

Rebox takes returning packages off your to do list, This gives you more time to catch up on your favorite true crime series.

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