5 exchange policy hacks that reduce returns you should copy!

By Bella Morr on June 9, 2022

Okay…. don't copy these, even though they're great exchange policy templates to base yours on.

Before I start, I'd like to state that we do not encourage copying another policy. You should create one that is specific to your products and customers. However, everyone may benefit from a little enthusiasm now and then. Now Shall we begin?

We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting to aggregate the most useful snippets on how to structure your exchange policy to reduce returns. Returns are a part of how customers shop, so these tips will not completely get rid of returns for good. 


Here are five exchange policy examples to get you started.

1. Lululemon

lululemon athletica is an American Canadian athletic apparel retailer headquartered in Vancouver. It was founded in 1998 as a retailer of yoga pants and other yoga wear, and has expanded to also sell athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, accessories, and personal care products.


Why is Lululemon's exchange policy  a template worth copying? 


  • It's short and easy to follow. Lululmeon speaks to the customer by addressing their concerns in the first sentence. This is also helpful when there is a reader who wants information very quickly. This shows that they listen to their customers and know what they want. It also plays into the fact that 67% of all shoppers check a brands return policy before purchasing anything.


  • Free Shipping & Returns. At this most if not all brands offer free returns and shipping, some brands go as far as giving a return pickup option for their shoppers. Lululemon highlights free returns/shipping in the first sentence of the return policy.


2. Zara 

ZARA, is a Spanish apparel retailer based in Arteixo, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. The company specializes in fast fashion, and products include clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes. It is the largest company in the Inditex group with Bershka, the world's largest apparel retailer.

Why is Zara's exchange policy  a template worth copying.

  • It's concise and understandable.The crucial information that customers want to know is outlined in plain and straightforward language in the exchange policy. The exchange policy is also extremely user-friendly.


  • Easy to use navigation tool. Zara is clearly committed to providing excellent service to its clients. Even though the brand provides all necessary information in its return policy, there are also additional support systems in place.


3. UGG

Ugg boots are a unisex style of sheepskin boot originating in Australia. The boots are typically made of twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside, a tanned outer surface and a synthetic sole.

Why is Ugg’s exchange policy  a template worth copying?


  • Gives customers lots of options. The ultimate goal of returns is to have less of them. Ugg  takes a unique approach to this issue with its return policy, which includes conventional refunds and exchanges. As well a system to process your return for an exchange or a site credit. 


  • Warranty Returns. A strong warranty policy contains a clear call-to-action that makes the warranty procedure simple for customers. The Ugg exchange policy does a fantastic job of this by including a single link on its whole return page that takes you straight to its automated returns gateway.



Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world.

Why is Adidas' exchange policy a template worth copying?

  • The interface is visual and simple. In just a few phrases, Adidas is able to express its return/exchange policy. The rest of the website is filled with simple, appealing instructions that drive clients to the next step in the return process. The experience is straightforward, fluid, and really simple to use.


  • Includes an easy return management portal.  In the portal  Adidas is able to streamline the process and make sure that the shopper is being guided through an easy return process. 


5.  Pattern Brands 

Pattern Brands  is an operator of an online home products marketplace intended to build a family of consumer goods brands with a shared mission. The company offers products like storage boxes, kitchen tools, serving trays that are made using sustainable materials and provides a selection of room curated product lists for bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, enabling customers to buy sustainable products for their homes by choosing room-related themes.

Why is Pattern Brands' exchange policy  a template worth copying?

  • Clear Messaging. In the returns pages Pattern brands shows that the brand is being thoughtful about the experience. And the customer is a top priority. 


  • Faster, easier exchanges. The brand lets customers select the new item they want and download their return label directly through the portal. Even better? The newly selected item gets shipped out as soon as the return label is scanned in at the post office. This gets the exchanged product in their hands faster.


Are these examples inspiring you? We invite you to pick elements from each of these fantastic brands and create your own shopper-centric exchange policy. If you need help, please contact us to learn how Rebox may assist you in creating a positive returns experience for your customers.

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5 exchange policy hacks that reduce returns you should copy!

By Bella Morr on June 9, 2022

Okay…. don't copy these, even though they're great exchange policy templates to base yours on. Before I st... Read more

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